Acrow-Richmond Custom Solutions


Founded in 1958, Acrow-Richmond specializes in manufacturing concrete forming hardware, concrete sealers, and accessories for the construction industry. With our in-house engineering department and over 100,000 square feet manufacturing facility, we produce premium Canadian-made products that must pass each of our stringent safety and quality control programs.

Acrow-Richmond manufactures a full line of:

  • Concrete forming hardware products for a wide range of forming systems
  • Preset Anchoring systems ranging from street signs to high mast light systems
  • Precast products for forming, lifting and connecting
  • Rock Bolts for reinforcing severe slopes and tunnels
  • Bridge deck forming hardware
Over 60 Years
Of Experience
Custom Fabrication
Service Available
All Products
Made in Canada


Dedicated Account Manager

A National Concrete Accessories expert will support you through the procurement process while identifying cost-effective solutions that fit your project needs

Innovative Manufacturing Facility

We will work together with our team of engineers to develop customized concrete forming resources that meet your unique design specification

On-Site Delivery

We offer reliable and flexible delivery options for all your construction supplies


Concrete Forming

From heavy-duty commercial/industrial projects to light-duty residential, we manufacture a wide range of concrete forming hardware that will keep your job on budget and on schedule.

Bridge Deck Forming & Hanging

We offer a full line of interior/exterior hangers, brackets, and guardrail bases manufactured to safely support the formwork for any size or specification.

Precast Concrete Products

Whether you are lifting, connecting, or looking for the proper forming concrete accessory, we can find a custom solution for your job.

Rock Anchoring & Bolt

We understand the complexities of finding premium rock anchor products that provide maximum holding power and corrosion protection. That's why we stand by all our manufactured items because they must pass a series of safety and quality control reporting programs.

Concrete Anchoring

Our custom concrete system sets provide effortless, reliable, and economical methods for anchoring light poles, railings, guard rails, and signposts to structures for any size construction project.

Our dedicated team of engineers and knowledgeable experts will work with you to assess the full scope of your project and provide cost-effective solutions that will meet the demands of any unique configuration and size for your creative design.

Customized solutions for all your concrete forming needs:

  • Dedicated account manager as your single point of contact for all your project needs
  • We manufacture a full line of concrete form hardware and accessories inside our Toronto-based facility
  • Exceptional customer service throughout our 65+ White Cap branches across Canada
  • Extensive inventory supply and product availability on all our in-house manufactured products

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